Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Partial Defense of Sean Spicer

I love Bruce Bartlett's caustic remark about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, "The principal job of Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to be to make Sean Spicer look good by comparison. And she's doing a GREAT job!"

I always thought it was a mistake to blame Sean Spicer for -- well, for being Sean Spicer.  The problem clearly lies, not with Spicer, but with his boss and the job he is being asked to do.  From day one, Spicer's basic job has been to stand in front of the White House press corps and ask them who they believe, him or their lying eyes.  It doesn't really matter who gets the job of asking such a question; no one is going to look good doing it.

Of course, my intention is not to let Spicer off the hook.  He choose to take the job, after all.  No one forced him.  If Spicer wants to hold a job that consists of telling outrageous and easily refutable lies, then he fully deserves all the mockery that goes with the office.  Just don't have any illusions that anyone else will do any better.

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