Monday, January 2, 2017

Some Thoughts.

So, the new Republican Congress's first action, before they are even sworn in, is to undermine any independent ethical oversight.  This was apparently undertaken by the rank-and-file, against the advice of the leadership, who are probably imagining what the 30-second ads would look like.

OK, Democrats. if you have any political skills at all, get started on those 30-second ads.

PS:  I actually recommend following Trump's advice on security, sort of.  You need the internet to exchange e-mails with the general public.  You need it to put out your final product.  And there is really no help for using it to bring in information.  For all internal deliberations, I recommend computers with their internet access disabled, and communications by thumb drives and old-fashioned printed memos.  And yes, that will mean frequent use of couriers (as well as US mail, Fed Ex, etc).  I realize these things are vulnerable to theft, but at least the scale will be smaller and more difficult.

PS:  Primary challengers will probably run those 30 second ads, too.

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