Sunday, January 8, 2017

Donald Trump's Flying Circus, 1/8/17

The intelligence community's report on Russian hacking of the election has been pretty underwhelming, but the publicly release information on the hack leaves little doubt who was behind it.  Donald Trump responds with an obviously pre-prepared statement saying nothing.  He seems most concerned to show that the hack did not affect the election.  If by that he means that there is no evidence of tampering with vote results, that is certainly true.  As for whether the Russian hack swayed enough votes to affect the outcome, barring the invention of a time machine to re-run the election, we will never know.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are attempting to rush through many Trump appointees before the Office of Government Ethics has completed its check for conflicts of interest, and action unpresidented unprecedented since the Office was established.  And making it more egregious, Trump chose many of his appointees in such haste as not to have done any vetting on many of them.

But let's focus on what is important. At least Trump never sent State Department e-mails on a private server.

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