Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Suspense is Killing Me

So, the end of June is the deadline for:

  1. Negotiations with Iran to reach their final resolution
  2. The Supreme Court to reach its decision on Obamacare (and same sex marriage, for that matter)
  3. Loans to Greece to expire and either a new agreement to be reached or no agreement to be reached and the Grexit.
June is running out fast.  Each day I keep looking at the latest headlines, waiting for one of those things to happen, but none of them have so far.  Well probably next week and if not, definitely the three days after.  The tension only rises as the deadline draws near.

And now it appears my father-in-law has had a massive stroke and is not expected to recover, so personal matters may be distracting my attention for these last nerve-racking days of June.

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