Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bravo to John Kerry

Apparently we have a deal.  It will involve Iran cutting its centrifuges from 20,000 to 5,000, "neutralizing" its enriched uranium stockpiles, and submitting to extensive inspection of its nuclear facilities. Of course our hawks hate it (as do Iranian hawks).  It is a deal with a hostile country.  They believe that deals should be reserved for friends and allies and that the only options for hostile countries should be war or total disengagement.

As for me, well when we made a temporary deal for interim talks, I said that if we got a deal with Iran, I would consider John Kerry our best Secretary of State since -- well, someone.  Now I would say that he is our best Secretary of State since George Schultz.  (Of course, Republicans consider him our worst Secretary of State in a long time, definitely worse than Hilary Clinton who, after all, never got much done).

try to avoid the subject of the election until primaries begin, but I am now ready to say two things about the Democratic side.

(1)  I hope they find an alternative to Hilary Clinton. (Don't know who).  And
(2)  In terms of foreign policy there is only one question to ask any Democratic candidate.  Do you intend to keep John Kerry on as Secretary of State.  Because if they do, I would say our foreign policy is in good hands.

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