Thursday, August 3, 2017

John Kelly for Prime Minister

At least it pissed off liberals
So, apparently John Kelly is making his mark  as White House Chief of Staff.  He is uttering Donald Trump's trade mark line, "You're fired!" and doing an excellent job cleaning house of a lot of people who badly need cleaning out.  Of course, there will be a significant obstacle to Kelly imposing lasting order until someone figures out a.  way for the Chief of Staff to fire the President.  Assuming firing is out of the question, maybe Kelly can just handcuff Trump, stuff something in his mouth, and lock him in the closet for the next four years.

Barring that, maybe Kelly can at least figure out a way to kick him upstairs -- convince him to devote his time to playing golf, giving speeches to cheering supporters, holding signing ceremonies of Congress actually manages to pass anything, and tweeting comments about Fox and Friends, but to give up that boring old job of worrying about policy.  In short, maybe Kelly can convince Trump to be a constitutional monarch and allow Kelly to be his prime minister.

Of course, such an arrangement would have its problems. For one thing, Kelly seems to regard democratic politics and dissent with contempt, and to regard authoritarian organizations like the military and the police as having greater virtue.  But at least Kelly knows how to run an authoritarian organization in an orderly fashion; in other words, to offer authoritarianism under law instead of capricious authoritarianism.  For another, Kelly's basic job is to reign his boss in.  Trump is notorious for not liking to be reigned in.  He doesn't actually want to bother with all the work that goes into governing, but he definitely doesn't want to allow anyone else to govern in his place.  The natural result is a godawful mess.

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