Saturday, September 24, 2016

Uh-Oh. This Doesn't Look Good For Hillary

The New York Times ran a recent article chronicling 31 lies Donald Trump has told in the last week. Which I might think would hurt him, except for the nature of one lie that jumped out at me. Apparently Trump said that Hillary had 13 phone destroyed with a hammer to keep the messages on them from being found.  The Times said it was only two.

Hot new flash.  When you are accused of destroying 13 phones to conceal their contents, no one is going to be much impressed by the defense that really it was only two.  Thirteen or two is going to make little difference to your average American (myself included).  The important point is that Hillary had phone destroyed to hide their contents.

If Trump raises that point in the upcoming debate -- well, it is going to hurt.  So presumably he will raise it.

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