Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders and a Brokered Convention

It should go without saying that everything I said about a Republican brokered convention applies no less to a Democratic brokered convention.  I can think of few better ways to hand the election to Trump than for the Democrats to commit ceremonial self-disembowelment on the national stage.

But there is one difference.  Among the Republicans, the question was whether the establishment would be willing to tear their party asunder to prevent an insurgent candidate.  Unsurprisingly, the establishment decided no, we don't much like the insurgent candidate, but we prefer him to destroying our party in the name of ideological purity.  The Republican establishment had a realistic understanding that those were the options.

Among the Democrats, the question is whether the insurgents are willing to tear their party asunder to prevent an establishment candidate.  The answer there is less clear.  Bernie Sanders supporters may not understand just how destructive a brokered convention would be to their brand.  Or they may prefer to see their party lose in the interest of ideological purity -- even if that means that Trump wins -- than make political compromises.

Which just goes to reinforce my point.  Bernie Sanders is no Donald Trump.  But I do not think it entirely unfair to compare him to Ted Cruz.

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