Monday, March 30, 2015

Another Quick Personal Note on Obamacare

All that being said, my own experience and the experiences of people around me with Obamacare has not been all that good.  To many people without health insurance (including me) buying it can be a budget buster, and then copays are burdensome.  Worse yet, New Mexico had a state pay system in place that was working for the people who had it and then was cancelled.  At best, this meant having to do a lot of paperwork to re-register.  At worst, this meant having to pay for insurance and copays where once coverage had been free without copays.  And for people really at the edge with no room for maneuver.

Still, destroying the current system will not make the old system of state coverage come back.  And if there is one thing no one wants, it is any more disruption.

I don't know how New Mexico's state coverage worked.  But it has become amply clear to me that it would have worked a lot better to leave it in place.

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