Saturday, September 28, 2013

Department of Huh??? Democratic Edition

Let me get this straight.  The Democrats in the Senate stripped the defund Obamacare language out of the bill to keep the government open until December 15, and then shortened the time to November 15??  Why on earth would they do that?  Are they not allowed to increase the funds appropriated, so they had to shorten the time to continue funding for Obamacare?  Was it a concession to get the Republicans to vote to end debate (which a majority of the Republican caucus did)?  The article doesn't say.  What on earth is going on?

It is obvious that as soon as the continuing resolution runs out, we will just have to go through the whole routine again, except that the current leadership would quite probably be replaced by the lunatic fringe.  Wouldn't the Democrats want to postpone that date as long as possible. After all, December 15 will be a mere 17 days before people actually start getting insurance on the exchanges.  A shutdown over killing Obamacare on December 15 will last only 17 days before a demand to kill Obamacare become a demand to strip people of their health insurance, which will be most awkward to sustain.  A shutdown to kill Obamacare starting on November 15 will drag on a month longer before it actually means stripping people of their insurance.

Why did the Democrats do it?

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