Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Will He or Won't He

Well, the game ain't over till the fat lady sings.  While it seems most unlikely at this point that Trump will win, Hillary's bounce seems to reached its peak and perhaps be starting to decline.  After spending the last ten days in paranoid ravings about conspiracies of international bankers and rigged elections, Trump has made at least some token gestures toward proposing serious political reform. The latest revelations about Trump are starting to become old news, while Wikileaks is leaking a lot of sleazy but no more than the usual sausage making revelations about Hillary, so this last debate looks like Trump's last chance to turn it around.  A win remains an outside chance but not impossible; a respectable defeat is not too far-fetched.

I had resolved to spare myself the final debate by working late at an office with no sound on the computer, but my mouse chose this very night to give out, so I was forced to go home.  I will not be live-blogging or anything foolish, but I might as well steel myself for this last final ordeal.

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